Voyage of the Drum

UNESCO Creative Cities Network announce Voyage of the Drum

18 UNESCO Creative Cities will participate on 21 June 2021.

The videos will be streamed on YouTube courtesy of the Music Export Poland: MUSIC EXPORT POLAND - YouTube

and with the support of the Polish Ministry of Culture.

The Voyage of the Drum is hosted by UCCN with Kansas City Missouri USA – the only UNESCO Creative City of

Music in the United States. The Voyage of the Drum unites the cities of the world through the drum – one of

humanity’s earliest instruments. The Voyage of the Drum celebrates the African Diaspora around the world and

demonstrates how the influence of African rhythms is felt through many world music cultures. The 18 participating

cities include (year the City joined UNESCO UCCN):

1. Adelaide, Australia (2015)

2. Ambon, Indonesia (2019)

3. Bogot , Colombia (2012)

4. Chennai, India (2017)

5. Daegu, South Korea (2017)

6. Frutillar, Chiles (2017)

7. Glasgow, Scotland (2008)

8. Hamamatsu City, Japan (2014)

9. Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal (2015)

10. Kansas City, Missouri, USA (2017)

11. Kazan, Russia (2019)

12. Kingston, Jamaica (2015)

13. Kirşehir, Turkey (2019)

14. Leiria, Portugal (2019) with special guests from Guinea-Bissau

15. Ll ria, Spain (2019)

16. Nassau, Bahamas (Crafts and Folk Art – 2014)

17. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2019)

18. Veszpr m, Hungary (2019)

UNESCO Creative Cities Network announce Voyage of the Drum

online festival of music for Fete de la Musique 2021

UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) with Music Export Poland

Voyage of the Drum is the theme for the 2021 Fete de la Musique

world premiere online (YouTube) 21 June 2021

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For more information: Anita Dixon - Kansas City – Creative City KC +1.816.612.0864

Jacob Wagner Kansas City – Creative City KC +1.816.507.1847

In Europe – please contact: Tamara Kamińska, Director, Music Export Poland

Short Description by City:

Adelaide, Australia (2015) features Bortier Okoe and African Soul.

Bortier is a master drummer from Ghana West Africa.

Ambon, Indonesia (2019) celebrates the musical program - „Tifa Booyratan”, which

features the Tifa, a traditional drum handed down from the ancestors of the Ambonese

people, which is also used in other islands of the Melanesian archipelago.

Bogot , Colombia (2012) includes the band Curupira, the Philharmonic Youth Band of

Bogota of the Orquesta Filarmonica Bogota OFB - including San Pelayo - a Fandango

(the traditional rhythm of the Caribbean coast of Colombia) with West African influences

from Senegal and Mozambique.

Time: 19:25 minutes

Chennai, India (2017) features youngsters and masters, including Velu Aasan on the

Parai – an ancient frame drum. Vikku Vinayakrum and his son Uma Shankar and play

the Ghatam. Both musicians are well-known for their work with Zakir Hussein and

John McLaughlin.

Time: 19:49 minutes

Daegu, Korea (2017) features performances recorded at Daegu Kolon Park (May 2021).

The Nalmoe Buk (drum) Dance is a folk dance passed down in the Bisan-dong area of

Daegu. The performance course consists of seven (7) different rhythms.

Time: 23:19 minutes

Frutillar, Chile (2017) features the drummer Manuel Paez with Martina Venegas and

dancers Esteban Ortiz and Javiera Anabalon. Paez, composer and author of the “Southern

World Drum Method” (2008).

Time: 6:19 minutes

Glasgow, Scotland (2008) features Martin O’Neill on the bodhran drum. He demonstrates

the drum and its connection with the frame drums of North Africa. O’Neill is

featured in a performance with the traditional ensemble Project Smok (Ali Levack and

Pablo Lafuente).

Time: 7:44 minutes

Hamamatsu City, Japan (2014) features scenes from the Hamamatsu Festival (May

2019) and the traditional Ohayashi music performed as part of the festival. The video

presents traditional Japanese music with roots in the Kabuki Theater.

Time: 12:38 minutes


UNESCO Creative City

in 2019

United Nations

Educational, Scientific and

Cultural Organization

#VoyageoftheDrum #elViajedelTambor #Fetedelamusique2021

#UCCN2021 #FulfillTheDream #FightRacism #Music

Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal (2015) A song by the group Sete L grimas is presented. The song includes the Adufe

drum, which dates to the Islamic period (8th-15th c.) when it was a popular instrument in the Iberian Peninsula.

The Adufe (a double membrane square frame-drum made of goatskin and orange wood) is the renowned symbol

of Idanha-a-Nova, in Portugal. Time: 13:56 minutes

Kansas City, Missouri, USA (2017) From Kansas City, Missouri USA - the host and

instigator of the Voyage of the Drum project, comes a video featuring Bird Ellington

Fleming – percussionist, teacher and environmental leader of the Traditional Music

Society and the Soundz of Africa.

Time: 12:45 minutes

Kazan, Russia (2019) presents the crossover orchestra Innuendo. Their entire oeuvre

is a crossover. Each of the numbers brings a vibrant ethnic flavor to the concert. The

Innuendo orchestra is made up of professional performers and teachers. The ensemble

is conducted by Marat Hilmutdinov, cello concertmaster of the M.Jalil Tatar State

Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Time: 20:23

Kingston, Jamaica (2015) features Musical Director Majorie Whylie and a history of

the different eras of the drum rhythms in Jamaica with connections to the impact of

drumming on dance, religion and the lives of Jamaicans today. The film ends with a

performance by the late, great Bunny Wailer from 2015.

Time: 12:47

Kirşehir, Turkey (2019) proudly presents a video with examples of local songs being

played with drums and zurna. The music genre unique to our city and performed by

Abdals is „Bozlak”. The basic instruments in the musical style of Abdals are baglama

(a kind of stringed instrument, violin, drum, zurna (a kind of flute) and spoon. It is an

original style of music in terms of bringing together these instruments.

Time: 7:26 minutes

Leiria, Portugal (2019) with special guests from Guinea-Bissau. The Creative City of

Leiria Portugal invited Guinea-Bissau to participate with a video demonstrating the

tradition of Mandjuandadi, which features female collectives of musicians who sing and

dance by improvising lyrics about their concerns. Locally, Leiria City of Music gathered

16 folklore groups to participate. The film highlights the connections between music

and traditional ceramics (Music with Crafts and Folk Art), including the featured Bilhas

ou C ntaro de Barro (the ceramic drum).

Time: 17:22

Ll ria, Spain (2019) presents the “Twelve Labors of Hercules” by the Kontakte Percussion

Ensemble. The music includes a combination of modern melodic percussion

instruments of marimba and vibraphone with ancient percussion instruments and


UNESCO Creative City

in 2015

United Nations

Educational, Scientific and

Cultural Organization


UNESCO Creative City

in 2015

United Nations

Educational, Scientific and

Cultural Organization

#VoyageoftheDrum #elViajedelTambor #Fetedelamusique2021

#UCCN2021 #FulfillTheDream #FightRacism #Music

old wind and string instruments. The members of the Kontakte Percussion Ensemble include Sergio Izquierdo,

Joaqu n Lamb es, Miguel  ngel Orero and Fransesc Vidagany.

Time: 19:08

Nassau, Bahamas (Crafts and Folk Art – 2014) shares the history of the Junkanoo music

of Nassau, Bahamas, which is an important part of the Nassau mission as a Creative City

of Crafts and Folk Art. The video includes an overview of the music for the bass drum

and alterations of instruments for modern times. A second section presents guitarist

and producer Fred Ferguson of Nassau – who explains the roots of guitar music in the

Bahamas and its connections to the rhythms of Junkanoo.

Time: 10:20 minutes

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2019) features the Cofrad a de los Congos del

Esp ritu Santo - an Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity (2001) and World Heritage

(2008). The video features several traditional knowledge-keepers, including Tomas

Brand, Felix Martinez (Don Enrique), Mario Marte and Ms. Eneroliza N  ez.

Time: 14:49

Veszpr m, Hungary (2019) the 2023 European Capital of Culture, a piece is presented

on marimba by Csaba Sipos is a percussionist from Veszpr m. Sipos performs a piece by

the American composer Paul Smadbeck entitled Rhythm Song – one of the composer’s

most well-known pieces for marimba.

Time: 9:43