FREE medical care to pets of the homeless.

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 WHO are you?

Amanda Howland, Co-Founder of the "Pets In Need Project" and Co-Founder of ElleVet Sciences

WHAT did you do?

In response to the economic hardships due to Covid-19 and our passion to help pets and their owners, I came up with the idea for the "Pets in Need Project." .The "Pets in Need Project" is a veterinary relief mission, where we provide FREE medical care, food and supplies to pets of the homeless, or anyone who cannot afford veterinary care.  We pulled this project together in a matter of weeks so that we could help when help was most needed.

The homeless population has even fewer resources than ever before, and their pets are extremely vulnerable.  The bond between the homeless and their pets is very strong so by helping the pets, we are also helping the people.  We spent 2 months driving throughout California going to the poorest and hardest hit areas to treat pets.  We’ve seen over 1000 animals, funded several emergency surgeries and assisted with adoptions.

HOW did you do it?

ElleVet Sciences, the company I founded with my partner, Christian Kjaer, is sponsoring the trip. We always wanted a nonprofit, or giving back part of the company, and when Covid-19 hit, we decided this was how we were going to give back.  We rented a 38' RV and had it wrapped, stocked it with veterinary supplies, hired some veterinarians and flew out to CA. We began in San Diego, and drove all the way up the coast and back.  We lived in the RV and went from campground to campground at night.   During the day we coordinated our relief efforts at different homeless communities.   We connected with city officials in each area and had a huge amount of support everywhere we went.  Sometimes people waited in line to see us for 6-7 hours-that is how great the need is.

WHEN did you start your company?

I came up with the idea for ElleVet Sciences, which is a pet CBD company in 2016 and then partnered with Christian.  I reached out to Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine and we ended partnering with them to conduct the first ever clinical trial using CBD on dogs.  The company grew unbelievably fast and is a big success. Right now we have 40+ employees.

The "Pets in Need Project' was started in April of this year, and the mobile efforts began in May, so it is quite new. It’s been such a success and so impactful that we are going to make this a permanent, nonprofit part of ElleVet and expand to reach all areas of the country.

WHY are you innovating with this product or service?

Both ElleVet Sciences and now Pets in Need are innovating to provide the best care for companion animals and to improve their lives as much as we can. The CBD product is the result of testing and clinical trials and we know that it is the best product for pets because we did our research and because we care about doing it right and don’t cut corners. Pets in Need has a similar focus, just with a different delivery method. We try to give each person and each pet that we see the best care that we can and always go the extra mile.  We give attention, we give respect and we listen, which is a huge part of making a real difference.  We treat our ElleVet Sciences customers and our homeless customers with the same degree of care and respect.  Both services mean a lot to me, as we are improving the lives of animals and their people, one pet and one interaction at a time.  My partner had requested that I hold back on any more big ideas for at least 6 months! But big ideas are my forte and I’m sure there will be another one in the near future.

WHERE are you from?

I am a native of Wenham, Mass. In the United States, a small town north of Boston.  I currently resides in Portland, Maine.


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