Welum wishes all a happy new year - 2021

Care and Share

Happy new year and welcome to 2021 – a new beginning. As we all know, the  new year depends on where you are in this world. Midnight is not the same for everyone, and you are probably asking yourselves:  When is my new year?

Looking back, 2020 was a year no one will ever forget. Why? The reply is very simple… because change is the most difficult and universal feeling. Not only were there major changes worldwide, but there were also major personal changes for each of us.

Change brings new options, but we do not very often see it that way. Expand your thinking. Look around and see all the options in your life. No matter where you are, your beliefs, your thoughts, you have brought some value to life and can continue to do so. You can continue to make a positive difference. Bring value to others by sharing your creativity, your thoughts, and your actions.

Cherish yourselves and your dear ones, friends and the others that you do not know yet know but would like to know. The glass is never half empty, but always half full.

Happy new year from all of us at Welum – the volunteer collaboration of thinkers and creators embracing globally-conscious thinking. Let's share and care together.

Thanks from the Welum Team