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Libby Fischer, CEO of Whetstone Education.


In 2014, Libby Fischer, a TFA alumna, took the helm of Whetstone Education, a then-struggling technology company with a clunky teacher evaluation platform used by 30 schools. Within 9 months, Libby led her two-person team to turn the company around. Since then, Whetstone has grown from 30 schools to over 950 schools worldwide, with flagship partnerships at Denver Public Schools, DC Public Schools, Tulsa Public Schools, and over half of all public schools in New Orleans. Whetstone’s revenue has grown beyond $2 million annually — a difference of 28x from 2014 — and Whetstone has created 10 new jobs in New Orleans. Libby’s ability to lead Whetstone through uncertain waters with no business background led to her being named one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 in Education in both 2016 and 2017 as well as a Silicon Bayou Top 100 in Tech and Entrepreneurship. Libby was a founding member of the governing board of Elan Elementary in New Orleans, and she currently sits on the regional council of STAR (Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response).


Libby turned Whetstone around by evolving the product with tools for daily teacher coaching, fast-tracking a UI/UX overhaul that led to a 90% user retention rate, and secured a 50-school contract with the pioneers of instructional coaching, Uncommon Schools in New York City. Apart from a great business sense, Libby has firsthand knowledge, both as a former educator and the current leader in the education field, about the power that proper teaching can bring to a school and its community.


Libby took the reins at Whetstone in 2014 after teaching Spanish in the Mississippi Delta with Teach for America and joining revolution foods, an organization that strives to provide healthy school lunches to students across the country.


Whetstone’s philosophy revolves around public service and local prosperity. She has transformed the way school leaders train teachers across the country and influenced countless teachers and students in the process. Whetstone’s success creates an immeasurable ripple effect that can dramatically reshape the way educators grow and learn.


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