The Vision and Creative Manifest

Trends of the world
The Vision

We live in an age where everything changes, and we want to be disconnected from information overloading. In 2019, people will pay more attention to the body and mental health. The idea of accepting oneself will keep taking effect.

According to projections, by the year 2020, 45% of Americans will be working at home. In other words, the importance of wear-at-home clothing will grow. People will want clothing that is comfortable but also appropriate for meetings on Skype.

Athleisure will remain all the rage (sports shoes as the basic type of shoes, sweatshirts, “gym pants”, which can compete with jeans).

A trend to mix sports outfits with non-sport ones will remain too. Wearing huge earrings with sweatshirts is already in fashion; at fashion shows for autumn-winter 2018/19, sports tops were actively mixed with check jackets (the fan scarf became the main accessory of the street style).

In general, the trend is comfortable and free designs, made from agreeable-to-the-touch soft fabrics.

One more interesting coupling is a desire to fix oneself first, to see one's body under the microscope, and an interest in biotechnologies and biohacking.

Palette: intense colors that stimulate feelings - red and pink, yellow and blue, and soft calm blue palettes.

Creative Manifest

The story runs that this trend is connected with the fear of robots, who replace people increasingly frequently (they make shoes and even create content). Creative work is what makes us different from machines (even smart and self-teaching ones), which is why people will strive to show creativity.

Interest in sexuality comes along with creativity. Designers focus on waist and tournure more often than not; however, there is another approach, which is humoristic. For example, pictures out of 1972's The Joy Of Sex made it into Christopher Kane's collection. 

Re-issue of archives

Fashion houses with a history have always actualized their archives (why, for example, at Chanel fashion shows we see variations on a theme of tweed jackets and famous bags 2.5 on a regular basis, and Balenciaga is a work with constructivist shapes). Now brands literally began re-issuing fortunate models out of the previous collections, even those brands that are three to four years old. Perhaps you will be lucky getting an item from your closet that went out of fashion a few years ago.

Make-believe worlds

Everything can be imagined, ranging from unimaginable prints on the clothes to variations of all kinds on a science-fiction theme (cyberpunk, sci-fi), computer toys, and аnime (and it means that our favourite colourful hair gains ground) — even though just a while ago one could get into trouble at work.

Smart reconstruction and redesigning

This refers to the more active use of smart materials. Imagine objects of design that make air clean, or pieces of clothing that measure heartbeats or protects from solar radiation. Upon that, fabrics and silhouettes will be simply amazing and highly developed. At the same time, clothes within the scope of this trend will be decent and calm, so people have a feeling of safety in a constantly changing present-day world.

Cybernetic chic

Virtual environments, artificial brains, robototronics, and androids are gaining a foothold in everyday life. Social networks will affect how people behave themselves. It will become harder to define real and unreal.

The difference between real and virtual worlds become less important. Consumers will take their fashion inspiration from robots. If speaking about keywords within the framework of the trend, the following should be mentioned: glamour, riot, femaleness, and Afrofuturism.

World of make-believe and fantasy

Within the framework of the topic, the relation between fact and fiction is researched. Just as made-up stories distract us from crude reality, there is more room for fantasy left. We are going to live in a meta world, full of surrealism. The Shape of Water movie became the leading inspiration source for the creation of this trend: disappeared water animals as a central theme in the area of prints, blurred lines between the past and the present. Keywords: eclectic, historic, organic, and mythological.

Freedom of luxury

Climate on our planet becomes less stable; it changes very fast. Numerous floods and droughts are predicted, placing the lives of millions under a threat. As long as environmental and human concern grows, a lot of companies strive to become more stable and to increase awareness of changing a lifestyle. One will see a reflection of it in designs for autumn/winter 2019/2020. Fashion lines, let alone collections in the area of domestic design, will contain more processed stuff. More materials that are new will appear, such as fabrics of seaweed, dirt, and even (you are not going to believe it) human hair.

Veganism is rapidly growing. However, even those people who consume meat still realize the influence of their choice on the environment more. Now, many customers demand that producers stop killing animals just to release another collection of fur and leather.

In addition, many designers find inspiration in the culture of indigenous people of the American continent and that has become a trend as well.

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