Where sculpture becomes a magic world
Michael Murphy – Sculpture www.mimike.com @michaelmurphyart

Mike Murphy definitively describes the new era of sculpture art. The rinascimental masters of sculpture were able to see a figure inside a piece of marble. But these were only 2D visions and the artist was just representing pure reality when giving a “living” shape to the stone.

Michael Murphy - Sculpture

This is “perceptual art”; not simply using a sense but the elaboration of the perception in the magic box that is our brain.

Michael “Mike” Murphy is a sculptor living and working in Brooklyn. He got an MFA from the Art and Technology Department at the Art Institute of Chicago, with a focus on sound, installation, and metal casting.

Murphy says: "When designing my work the goal is to create a unique and rewarding perceptual experience for viewers through artworks that are intellectually challenging and technically intriguing. I utilize optical illusion, technology, sculptural practices, and spacial techniques to create installations that stimulate viewers and deliver messages. I view artworks as vehicles for the transport of information and ideas".



Michael Murphy - Sculpture www.mimike.com @michaelmurphyart

His approach is to challenge the viewer’s boundaries using multidimensional techniques in order to create three-dimensional renderings of flat images. His inventions of "Expanded Graphics", the "3D Halftone" and "Suspended Narrative Mobiles" have established an entirely new formula for rendering images.

Murphy creates every piece carefully, considering the viewer and the experience they will have when seeing the piece. His large-scale installations "dominate the viewer's physical and mental space, captivating the critical thought process."  His work at first looks like an unorganized composition of material, but when viewed from a proper angle, becomes a highly organized suspended three dimensional graphic image. Murphy's breadth of work ranges "from sound installations utilizing pools of water and live cellos to the incorporation of shadows as shading. Murphy's ability to think outside the box, and his technical skill to bring the concepts to fruition, make his work a fun, imaginative and accessible experience." 

  • Michael Murphy - Sculpture www.mimike.com @michaelmurphyart

  • Michael Murphy - Sculpture www.mimike.com @michaelmurphyart

  • Michael Murphy - Sculpture www.mimike.com @michaelmurphyart

  • Michael Murphy - Sculpture www.mimike.com @michaelmurphyart

  • Michael Murphy - Sculpture www.mimike.com @michaelmurphyart