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Well-being as success factors for talent management

On October 19 and 20, 2023, the National Congress on Human Capital and Networking Mexico Talent RH was held at Expo Guadalajara, Mexico, organized by The Industrial Relations Association of the West, A. C. (ARIOAC).

The objective of the event was to exchange best practices and set trends and business vision, which encourage the development of innovative strategies in Human Resources. It brought together high-level representatives from more than 700 organizations from all over Mexico, mainly from the West of the country.

The thematic axis of the event was: From digital upskilling to the mobilization of the metaverse, mapping the well-being of talent.

The program was made up of 14 international speakers like: Fernando Ralero, Lecturer, consultant and writer applied neurosciences in Organizations, Salvador Reyes Covarrubias, VP People Mondelez Snacking México, Jechu Zepeda, Co-founder of FFFuture, Consultant and strategist in innovation,growth and community, Odin Dupeyron, Acclaimed writer of Best Seller, Lecturer, Producer, Director and Stage Actor, Fric Martínez, Lecturer, businessman and author, Alan Estrada, Actor and Content Creator, Vivian Lan, Director of SingularityU Mexico, Rafael Castellanos Managing Partner of Scotwork LATAM Experts in Technology, Farid Dieck , Lecturer, author and creator of content with millions of global following. 2 worktables, and 7 practical sessions, as well as an innovation and culture panel. 6 topics were mainly covered: global economic challenges and business sustainability 2023, disruptive and transformative global organizational trends, evolution and digital ways of working, biotechnological advances and artificial intelligence, happiness and resilience, well-being, and customer experience.

Some of the most relevant insights of the event were:

Mario Alberto Rodríguez Bolaños, CEO at Inbest mentioned that some of the positive impacts of artificial intelligence for companies are  increasing communication with customers, improving collaboration between teams, improving creativity, better decision-making with better data, a more productive and efficient workday, intelligence artificial will be the main tool that will increase our quality of life.

María Estela  Martínez Tremari People Happiness Manager at Buk. She highlighted the importance of promoting happiness and well-being in employees to increase optimized performance, Talent retention, Talent attraction, Innovation and creativity, and Collaborative environment. She suggested improving the employee experience through Personalization of benefits, Flexibility in work schemes, Deep-rooted organizational culture, Team strengthening, Continuous development, Transparency, and valuation.

One of the keynote speakers was Lorena Ochoa who is a former Mexican golfer who achieved #1 worldwide, in addition to 27 victories, she shared with the audience her story of successes and failures. Lorena pointed out that sharing dreams with your loved ones helps them take on greater meaning. She also invited the audience to listen to their inner voice. She emphasized the importance of believing in yourself, so that you can achieve your goals. She said that a victory is built and never It is considered a defeat if we learn from experience.

One of the most enlightening talks was “The change in the ways work thanks to Artificial Intelligence” by Fabiola Velarde Galicia Accelerated incubation specialist, and entrepreneurship coordinator at fAIr LAC Jalisco, mentioned the value of data, the use of technologies such as face recognition, generative models, Natural language processing among others, she pointed out that we must ensure that the use of artificial intelligence we respect Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics (FATE).

Mexico Talent RH  was addressed to General Directors and decision makers, HR Directors and Managers, HR Heads and Generalists, Talent Attraction and Human Development, and professionals in Talent management who could learn the new global trends in human resources, meet suppliers that provide solutions to current challenges as Welbe, Betterfly, Buk, Occmundial, Tergum, Psiconet, Brive, among others, the participants also had the opportunity to network during the different coffee breaks, executive meals and cocktail parties held during the congress.