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A world leader in hormone optimization and proprietary medical protocols


Who are you?

Terry Weber, I am the CEO of BioTE Medical, a world leader in science-backed hormone optimization training, technology and protocols for medical providers that deliver a lifetime of personalized patient care and individual treatment programs. I lead BioTE Medical’s mission to continually develop innovative educational programs and medical protocols that deliver reproducible clinical outcomes that effectively treat the early indicators of aging, optimize health, and extend health spans.

What did you do?

A nationally-recognized CEO and executive consultant who has helped transform the business models of healthcare, retail, and automotive industry giants, I am known today as an industry pioneer on the frontier of personalized healthcare. As CEO of BioTE Medical, a world leader in hormone optimization and proprietary medical protocols that deliver a lifetime of personalized patient care and individual treatment programs.

How did you do it?

I began my career in the male-dominated sectors of manufacturing, heavy equipment, oil and gas industries. As a woman in this field, I felt I had to prove I deserved my spot. My solution was to volunteer for the work others didn’t want to do, often taking difficult roles in undesirable locations. I thrived in these challenging positions and, in turn, my work was recognized. I wanted to be known for my work, not for my gender, and through perseverance and strong worth ethic, I was soon promoted to even more fast-paced roles and became known for my ability to think outside the box to solve difficult problems.

It is incredibly important to understand the value within an organization and learn to work with your team to enable others to do the best work they can. I’ve worked hard to train myself to see the future potential of a company and its offerings. With its potential in mind, I strive to reach those goals, steering the company and staff into the next level of the business without getting bogged down. Throughout my career, including many decades of shake-ups and crises, my specialty has been enabling companies to transition, or “pivot.” I’ve been helping multi-billion-dollar brands pivot to safety and innovation long before it became synonymous with agile business practices amidst the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Ultimately, I decided to leave the manufacturing and retail world to join the ever-changing healthcare industry. In the past, I served as CEO of Amen Clinics and BrainMD, where I contributed to helping the company change the way psychiatry is practiced. I currently serve as CEO of BioTE Medical, a world leader in cutting-edge, proprietary medical protocols that deliver a lifetime of personalized patient care.

When did you start this company?

BioTE Medical was founded in 2009. I joined the company as CEO in 2019.

Why are you innovating with this service or product?

Now is such a critical time for individuals to feel empowered to take ownership of their health amid the worldwide health crisis stemming from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. More individuals are starting to shift away from traditional, symptom-treating focused medical treatments and are looking towards innovative, personalized approaches to wellness that can aid in the long-term prevention of illness, chronic disease and aging. That’s where bioidentical hormone optimization comes in. Many don’t realize the vital role hormones play in the entire body system—setting the pace for everything from organ function, metabolism, blood pressure, sexual desire, among many others. An imbalance of hormones can often lead to symptoms many misinterpret as the tell-tale signs of aging, including fatigue, brain fog, increased body fat, low libido, trouble sleeping and so on.

In many cases, these symptoms hint that hormone levels might be imbalanced or deficient within the body system. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a personalized, idiosyncratic medical treatment designed to bring hormone levels back into their optimal state, leading patients to lead happier, healthier lives. At BioTE Medical, we strive to be the leaders in comprehensive, science-backed training, technology and protocols for medical providers in the BHRT field. As an emerging and ever-advancing area of medical treatment, we feel it is crucial for medical professionals within the industry to have access to continuing education on BHRT methods, technology and protocols that are backed by science. In turn, we are creating a safer, more transparent industry that seeks to effectively improve the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of men and women across the age spectrum in ways not possible by traditional pharmaceuticals.


BioTE Medical is based in Irving, Texas, and provides healthcare professionals with comprehensive, science-backed bioidentical hormone optimization training and protocols across the U.S. and internationally.


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