Greg Natale designs

Contemporary interior designs

The ultimate “ IT “ designer of luxurious interior designs.        

Greg offers everything your visionary skills should desire.


Born in Sydney, Australia, Greg Natale has been passionate about interior designs for as long as he remembers. Known for mastering patterns & colours, in glamorous & sophisticated spaces.

Finishing his studies at design centre Enmore in Sydney, and Visual arts at Sydney College of the Arts, along with architecture at Sydney´s University of Technology, his first project was to design his sisters one bedroom apartment with wall-wall custom coloured florence wallpaper, layered with matching artwork and linen.

He did not only win his first award by this, but also announced his commitment to the creation of a new Australian interior, bold, intricately layered, and beautifully considered.

Greg also published two design books, that you will find on his website, both signed copies.

Greg truly creates contemporary designs in such a confident way, that it all rounds up with a vibe in pure perfection.

Velvet chairs in warm colours, golden decor, incredible multi patterned marble designs in everything from floors to bathtubs, accessories in all kinds of luxurious stone, satin pillows, and 3D rugs in graphic patterns, you name it, Greg designs it.

You easily get a crystal clear sensation on what is trendy in decor, with spiked vases, marbled bathroom accessories, golden metallic tray´s, gemstone boxes and so much more.

Velvet furniture that comes in royal blue, emerald green, and wine red, as well as marble tables in all patterns and colours.

Greg Natale is a story teller in designing interior, that establishes a sophisticated setting with luxurious furnitures, connecting the perfect vibe with modern artful decor.

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