Fruit Sculpting Inspires Malawi Chefs

Fruit sculpting adds value to Malawian Cuisine
Chef Melvin Plating the prepared salad

Fruit sculpting can elevate a plain looking meal to one of beauty. This is the message that American-based cook and executive chef Mervin Myers, from Success Catering, brings to chefs in Malawi; and it has inspired Malawians in different food shops, restaurants, and lodges to consider modern ways of preparing food. Myers shares his skills in fruit sculpting, and says that they need to add it to their repertoire if they are to succeed in their businesses.

Chef Myers said Malawian food sellers have all the opportunities to prosper in their businesses if they  incorporate new trends in the food production circles.  He said Malawi has all it needs for the success of Malawi businesses and it will only take innovative people to utilize the opportunities available in the country.

“I believe Malawi is the best place for food businesses, but its people are not innovative enough to make their businesses more profitable. That’s why I decided to sacrifice my time to teach business owners in Malawi,” said Myers.

Myers said restaurants, lodges and hotel owners need more skills in dish preparation than the usual meals that they currently offer. “The first time I came it sounded so crazy for me noticing that the very same meals are prepared in almost all the restaurants that I visited and again for the same prices. So we are teaching them some new dishes that are not known or not prepared to an international standard,” he said.

Myers said that it is his hope that through the Culinary Field School that he is offering for free to Malawians, he will be able to reach out to many interested people at food satellites and hotels throughout the country.

However, he also mentioned a reluctance to changes in mindset, which is a major factor in pooling Malawi businesses. Myers said it is high time Malawians change the way they operate their businesses if maximum profits are to be realized.

“Food items are very serious matters in the whole world and for that foods are to be safe, clean and appetizing. It doesn’t really take how much money you put in your business or the qualifications that you have obtain that will make your business successful, but it starts with the hygiene of both the person selling the foods and the surrounding in general,” he clarified.

During his stay in Malawi for the Culinary Field School, Myers dedicated his time to teaching western dishes like Funji and fried rice, different types of salads and fruit sculpting. A population of over 200 has so far benefited from the Culinary Field School.

 Chef Mervin Myers started on a micro-business, and with mentorship from Franz deFreitas, he has developed his own catering firm known as Success Catering.

Myers has worked for a number of high profile companies and individuals, including Apple, and has worked as Executive Chef for the Mayor of New York. He has also been featured in a number of world’s media outlets including CBS, The New York Times and Entertainment Malawi.

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    Chef Mervin Myers