The Summer 2016 insanity

Jet-boarding was an unexpected trend of Summer 2016. Also called power skiing, this sport originated in the U.S.

The original designer was a former engineer from Boeing Aircraft. The product was designed to use an aircraft trim tab roller control with your foot for acceleration. The rider would attach a strap to his ankle with a flexible wire line to the magnet. When he fell off, it would stop the engine.

Another version connected with the surf table to run over the wave or simply feel the euphoria of speeding over the calm and flat water of a lake or the sea.

Jet-boarding is becoming very popular among the surfing community because of its ability to give the user the thrill of major control and high speed (over 60Km/h).

On the calm water of a lake or a waveless sea,  you can surf and feel the air whip through your hair with a jet-board. However, the board is battery operated, so watch the charge if you don't want to be lost in the middle of the water.

Jet-boarding is not for the faint of heart. It is for the adventurer, the dare-devil, the brave.

Watch it in action in this video: "Surfing on Bora Bora Blue Lagoon"

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