Zaha Hadid's Experiment in new architectural forms

Shanghai Sky Soho is a new step toward the future of architecture. 

From Zaha Hasid’s brilliant imagination was born an architectural project where sustainability, modernism and research have been melded in a surprising building.

Shanghai Sky Soho is a large development comprised of a compelling mix of office and retail space with a gross floor area of approximately 350,000 square meters; and it is situated near Shanghai Hongqiao transport hub.

Shanghai Sky Soho consists of twelve buildings connected by sixteen bridges into a network of spaces. When viewed from certain angles, these structures, stacked up to forty meters above the sunken garden below, resemble the smooth, towering walls of natural canyons.

The construction covers 80,000-m2 plot of land; it is 480 meters in length by 250 meters in width. It is amazing to walk or bike through a sunken garden. The building gives a dualistic experience characterized by natural and futuristic surroundings.

The 7,000 m2 sunken garden offers a blended mix of retail and public spaces. Following Feng Shui rules, every entrance has a big play fountain where water brings luck and success and evokes the vitality of the building.


Shanghai Sky Solo has achieved LEED Gold Pre-certification and is determined to provide a comfortable and effective working environment. Including: 

  • Clean air
    - Achieved the 90% removal rate of PM2.5 in air, with static electricity dust elimination plus medium efficiency filter system
  • Abundant greenery
    - 30% coverage of greenery and over 6,000 m2 roof garden
  • Environmental-friendly materials
    - High quality of materials for interior decoration, including paints, adhesives, etc.
  • Adopting gray water and water efficient fixtures to reduce potable water consumption
  • Green transportation
    - Bicycle storage, connection with public transport hubs

Zaha Hadid

World-famous architect Zaha Hadid, the first woman to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize, designed SKY SOHO. With a surreal design concept, Hadid has established SKY SOHO as a dynamic and futuristic architectural design.

  • Shanghai Sky Soho

    Sky Soho Internal

  • Shanghai Sky Soho

    Sky Soho Internal