Planet Classroom Network

World’s Fair of Learning bringing together an international community

“Research has shown us time and time again that the arts and social impact learning unite people across borders.” – C.M. Rubin

CMRubinWorld is pleased to announce the Planet Classroom Network, a 6-month

to present highly entertaining and compelling programming to youth around the world on YouTube, starting January 4, 2021.

Season 1 of the Planet Classroom Network for youth by youth will feature programming from over 20 major global organizations enabling young audiences to experience stories from every part of the world.

Planet Classroom is committed to supporting youth well-being, unity, inclusivity, and addressing our planet’s global challenges.

Planet Classroom will feature engaging video content curated by over 20 global cultural institutions including Global Nomads, Global Oneness, the Martha Graham Dance Company, Commffest, KIDS FIRST!, Dream a Dream Foundation, Challenge 59, LXL Ideas, Alliance for Young Artists & Writers/Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, Creative Visions Foundation, Battery Dance, SIMA Studios/SIMA Classroom, Young Voices for the Planet, Bard Conservatory, Taking It Global, Materials for the Arts, Book Creator, XTalksWorldListens, NFFTY, Young People’s Chorus of New York City, The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace, among others.

At the heart of the Planet Classroom Network vision is the belief that empowering youth through creativity and innovation fosters well-being and skills needed to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Young audiences will be able to immerse themselves in narratives from different cultures and view their peers through a global lens that supports multiculturalism and inspires communities to both unite and heal.

“We know there is still much to learn from our brothers and sisters across oceans and time zones as we work towards a healthier future for everyone,” stated John Cloud Kaiser, Director of Education at Materials for the Arts.

“Our film, What to Do About Climate Change? (curated by Commffest), explores avenues available for making progress, while capturing the passion of protesters and activists who understand the perils of maintaining business as usual,” relayed Director Eric Simon.

“We are very excited to be working with Planet Classroom in this brilliant initiative. Literacy is such an important skill, but we know that a lot of kids today are not motivated to write. We believe that’s because they don’t have an audience for their writing,” noted Dan Kemp, Marketing and Community Manager, Book Creator.

“Documentaries play a powerful role in inspiring and uniting people around the world, and along with other curators, we look forward to sharing powerful international stories on critical issues such as poverty, education, gender equality, race and responsible consumption and production,” conveyed Daniela Kon Lieberberg, Founder and Executive Director of SIMA Studios.

“We are excited to have this opportunity to foster more dialogue and understanding among the world’s youth,” said Courtney Welsh, Chief Executive Officer of Global Nomads.

“A well-made film can teach life lessons better than most teachers today. We look forward to sharing our youth films on Planet Classroom,” commented Syed Sultan Ahmed, Founder and Chief Learner, LXL Ideas.

“Dance cannot just be about learning a system of physical moves. It has to include ways to practice thinking, improvising, risk taking and using your imagination,” shared Janet Eilber, Artistic Director, Martha Graham Dance Company.

“Every young person, no matter where they live, has an interesting story to tell. On Planet Classroom we hope to hear them all,” noted Alex Bell, Founder of XTalksWorldListens.

“Research has shown us time and time again that the arts and social impact learning unite people across borders. The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic and societal consequences have amplified an already existing crisis of youth mental health and created new barriers for those who seek care and support. We came to the conclusion the world’s youth needed their own YouTube channel where they can work with each other and seek sustainable solutions for their planet,”  said CMRubinWorld Co-Founder and CEO, Cathy Rubin.

A full list of Planet Classroom Network curators and the program schedule for Season 1 will be available closer to the launch date.

About The Planet Classroom Network

The Planet Classroom Network, organized by CMRubinWorld, brings together musicians, dancers, video game creators, filmmakers, learning innovators and emerging technologists from all over the world to entertain, educate and engage youth, and to provide a rich cultural experience at a time when art and learning institutions everywhere are not accessible. The Planet Classroom Network is by youth for youth. Young people from around the world played a significant role in conceptualizing, creating, and producing the network’s vision and programming.

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