N/Naka's Gourmet Food Masterpieces

restaurant N/Naka in Los Angeles creates food art

Sushi Chef Niki Nakayama, born and raised in sunny California, found her true essence in Japanese gourmet food. With a growing passion for unique flavors and essentials, she planted her heart in her true nature's calling for kitchen creations.

After being trained by the legendary Chef Masa Sato in the art of kaiseki, the traditional Japanese culinary practice that emphasizes the balance of a dish, Nakayama opened her first restaurant,  Azami, with her first signature dish, omakase, which quickly became quite popular among guests. Azami made Citysearch's “best of sushi" distinction in 2006.

N/Naka is Nakayama's brilliant second venture, conveniently serving as Japanese gourmet take-out by day, as well as a passionately tasteful exploration of an eight course chef's table by night.

The colorful burst of the tasting menu allows Nakayama to seek out what she truly enjoys and thrives in--creating a unique and captivating flavorful individual series of dishes to complement each much appreciated guest of the house.

N/Naka's gourmet food is described by guests as  "a feast for the eyes“ and the restaurant as “the gourmet palace," among others.

As you enter the cool feng shui building of N/Naka restaurant, you are seated in a minimalistic setting with a warm atmosphere mixed with the traditional colors of black/white/beige interior design. The picturesque creations of dishes give you a burst of sensation, with colorful and artistic food plates, tasting just as beautiful as they appear to the eye.

The flavors of each ingredient come together the way musical notes do from a score played by a virtuoso. They harmonize to create a beautiful new holistic experience that elicits an emotional response from the diner, the kind of response one has when truly in the presence of a master. And that is what Niki Nakayama is a master chef.   

The restaurant is located at 3455 Overland Ave, Los Angeles. But if you would like to take a look  at the restaurant and chef Nakayama's exciting creations, visit N/Naga's website  http://www.n-naka.com

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