Latina Business Women in Middle East

Taking Latina business women to the Middle East

From March 4 to 9 it was held The Women Economic Forum (WEF) in Egypt, which is an international platform enabling women and leaders from all walks of life worldwide to expand business opportunities and enhance personal influence through networking across borders while being inspired by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, authors, thought leaders and celebrities.

Our editor had the opportunity to talk to Irma Sánchez, founder of WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP a community of  Latinas businesswomen about her experience in WEF.

Irma, what's the purpose of WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP (WIL) and how does it work?

Women in Leadership (WIL) was born to empower the Latin woman community in the USA and globally world, to reach our financial goals and mutually have emotional support among all. We are here to educate, motivate, inspire and provide the necessary conditions that will help today's women leaders to build the alliances and connections they require to build businesses. The inspiration that guided me to found WIL was thanks to my mother since she was the inspiration that motivated me every day to be a visionary success with the clear and only one aim of helping my humanity.

You attended to Women Economic Forum Latina business women to the Middle East as a speaker where you shared your story as a successful Latina entrepreneur, can you briefly tell us which is it?

I had to attend the event so prominent among the leading women of the 21st century, such as the "Woman Economic Forum", thanks to the chairwoman Dr. Harbeen Arora, whom I met personally in a previous opportunity in India. At that meeting, we felt very recognized by our passion to contribute to our communities of women leaders. She invited me to be part of the Woman Economic Forum to share my story. Where I very humbly transmitted a message to inspire women not to give up because if this girl from a small city from Bolivia got a dream and made it possible, anyone can do it. Even though my mother spent a very hard time after my father and sister passed away, she never got a weakness, she fought through life with love and courage, both walked forward against the circumstances and I have learned since then how to be stronger and grateful to live.

From my mom, I learned to cope with misfortunes to strengthen me and turn them into opportunities, how to be more sensitive and emphatic because this world is made of human beings where we all are equal. The advice that I like to share with all women "don't lose faith for nothing, be patient because everything has a reason for being".

I arrived in Egypt sponsored by a company and personal friends who believed in me to be able to bring the voice of Latin women to the world. That is why it is always important to surround yourself with people who know more than one, to learn from them without losing humility and humanity.

What was the benefit for your community WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP of going WEF?

The benefit is creating alliances with world leaders and mutually encourage the female leader to make strategic connections. We also achieve partnerships with globally distinguished companies so that they can be part of WIL bringing all global connections to our fellowship; in this way, our community can generate economically the growth that will transform into economic wealth.

What was your experience of the event?

The experience that I received in Cairo changed my life completely, I never imagined that the energy of Egypt with more than 75 delegations from different countries of the world could transform my vision and strengthen me spiritually to continue with this mission of conducting the path of so many leaders. In short, I understood that the spiritual essence, love, and passion for life can change the world and therefore be able to achieve more prosperous communities, but the key is to start with yourself.

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