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WHO are you?  

René Serbon Skin Expert

WHAT did you do?

I have created an ultra successful Skin Empire, and as an industry consultant and educator, I teach industry professionals to empower the public to obtain healthy skin, at any age, without the need for intensive or harsh treatments.

I demystify the beauty world for my clients, helping them grow their businesses, proving that strong business in this industry is possible and beauty is not a sacrifice for science, they truly can co-exist.  The biggest myth in the industry is the thinking that we need to have all the “machines” to rejuvenate and resurface clients’ skin, when that is far from the truth! My clients demonstrate clearly that a great skincare line, a selective use of technology, and your hands give the best results and return over the long term.

The common misconception is that removing the epidermis (outermost layer) of the skin, actually breaks down the barrier defense and is not in the best long term interest of the client without adequately preparing the skin first.  This is the reason why I am passionate about the science of corneotherapy and empower my clients by educating in this field and consulting on business strategies so they can work fewer hours and earn the same, or simply earn more, while having full appointment books.

I teach my consulting students that they can learn how to step out of the treatment room and start building their teams if they desire and grow above the minimum wage threshold a recent survey revealed over 50% of our industry professionals earn. I chose to become skin-centric years ago and do only corrective skincare, with a few carefully chosen modalities. I start each consultation with a comprehensive skin analysis for every client.

This resulted in me becoming one of the highest-paid aestheticians, and that was the start of my creating a 7 figure empire. Now, I teach my consulting clients those same strategies.

HOW did you do it?

By never settling for what was handed to me and always going after more! When I entered the beauty industry and found myself “stuck” providing services day in and day out I was not inspired, I wanted to pursue higher education and hoped my boss would support my vision.

I was heartbroken when the answer was “No,” and I was left feeling unworthy and uninspired. However, instead of taking no for an answer, I took a leave of absence, asked my mom for a loan, and flew to the south island of New Zealand to do the training anyway.

Making the choice to pursue higher levels of education and certification against the wishes of my then boss, taught me that there is always a “better” for us all, changed the trajectory of my career and enabled me to become a highly paid beauty therapist (aesthetician) with a dreamy appointment book and set me on my path to emerge as a sought after industry consultant and educator building my own empire and empowering others to combine their passion for beauty with cutting edge science, technology, and the business savvy to reach unlimited levels of success balanced with ease and joy (keeping the spark for what brought them to the beauty industry to start with).

WHEN did you start your company?

I officially incorporated 9 and a half years ago. February will be my 10th year, but the journey started well before that.  

WHY are you innovating with this product or service?

I see first hand that our industry can chew you up and spit you out, or you flourish. The later seems to be less common and burnout is a plague paired with low income even for the most educated aestheticians or beauty therapists. I full-heartedly believe that with the right tools as business owners we can earn what we are worth, do our work joyfully without burning out, and all it takes are some simple, but strong and effective systems in place to thrive. Unfortunately, ‘beauty schools, don’t teach the business savvy. I am here with a mission to nurture the joy of what we do in this competitive industry by sprinkling in some business savvy, including a system to know what to charge. Once that is in place I work with my clients to stand behind their own value.

WHERE are you from?

My husband and I now live in Canada with our two boys, both originally from South Africa. We met while we both happened to live in New Zealand, where I undertook my higher education. I have officially lived in 3 countries, ⅓ of my life spent in each.

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