Artist Mikael B. is The Expressionist

Mikael B. shows in Los Angeles

Mikael B. - a futuristic artist. Mikael B. was born in Denmark; however, he chose Los Angeles, California, to showcase his thoughtful paintings.

His early years as a graphic designer were not quite visionary enough for the fusion artist, which led him to develop his “artistic space“ in the backyard of his parents' home, as well as Copenhagen's concrete walls, into pieces of colorfully artistic graffiti art.

I had the pleasure of meeting him at his launch gallery in Los Angeles on July 15, 2017, where my girlfriend, singer Wendy Starland, introduced us. 

Mikael B.'s captivating futuristic 3D design instantly brings your mind to a fantasy world of the supernatural kind. It made me think of Superman's planet Krypton, with alluring colors, crystal-like shapes, and geometric patterns. The paintings awaken sensuality, with the raw, yet deep, molecular connections in electric sharp colors. The precision of each piece, with soft tones and glowing hues in contrast to sharp edgy shapes, makes you believe that there just might be a hidden world behind the depth of what lays behind what your trustful eyes may experience.

Mikael B. has been featured with his art show “Just Be“ in the the Danish Tv show “købmænd på 1 klasse “ translated into “buyers on 1st class“. and  “DR aften showet “ ( the evening show). He has also been chosen by this year's Art Basel in Miami, Florida.

Among some of Mikael B.'s biggest clients, are Google, Linkedin, American Express, and Nike.

Mikael B.'s strong willed mentality and focus definitely earned him the wings that flew him right to the City of Angels where his work is now highly sought after, while the visual artist can create masterpieces in inspirational surroundings. Check his art pieces here, along with upcoming art shows:

Urban Contemporary Art

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