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Shanu Mehta, Co-Founder, MMC Convert, MMC Books


MMC Convert is a Data migration specialist, As we are talking there are hundreds of Apps in Finance and accounting springing up on the cloud. These apps are specific to the businesses and make the decision making much smarter and faster, but when people get on board with this software, MMC helps them migration their data from Old platforms to the desired Software.


We have a team of certified accountants and a tech team which digitize the entire process, there are over 300 rules and many algorithms which we use. And with the help of in-house tools, we migrate the data from one software to another efficiently in a few hours. 


We started MMC Convert in 2011.


Defying typical taboos of ‘going online’, first banking and then accounting technology trends, have helped businesses reach the front of the pack.

The use of cloud computing to lower accounting system costs has already gained popularity, across both big and small businesses. It is considered by many to have near-limitless growth opportunities. But making a change is difficult, MMC has been Conduit of change for thousands of businesses across the world by migrating data from  Traditional accounting software to Cloud accounting software.

MMC’s in-house developed conversion tools read and interprets data directly from the source file, converts it with over 180 rules, and pushes it directly into various Cloud accounting software. So all you have to do is make a decision of moving to Cloud and MMC would help you convert from one system to another in just 3 working days. Along with migrating, they are also making their software-wise by using collective intelligence across industries to offer smart book-keeping to many businesses and reducing their nonproductive time to almost 1/10th.


Headquartered in India, with Network offices in Melbourne, London, Chicago, and Dubai.


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