The Welum Women Abroad - Mariana Díaz - in Spanish / Español

Mariana Díaz es Psicóloga y Empresaria Social en el Estado de Washington. Actualmente trabaja para una organización comunitaria que lucha a favor de individuos con problemas de salud mental, pobreza y adicciones severas llamada REACH.

En este episodio nos cuenta su historia y los retos a los que se ha enfrentado al vivir en Seattle.

Women Abroad Podcast is a podcast, part of the section Women Who Inspire. The aim is to facilitate the life of female expats through interviews with successful entrepreneurs and executives overseas. These women will share with us their own stories and experiences regarding a specific country, in addition to tips, useful resources, and secrets that nobody is willing to tell you. This podcast is bilingual, some episodes will be in English and others in Spanish. Contact Editor Lizet Esquivel for further information:


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