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Recycled art - Vik Muniz

Brazilian artist, Vik Muniz, is central to the recycled art movement. Spotted by an art dealer in New York in the mid-1980s, he specializes in reproducing masterpieces with recycled materials. His materials range from rubbish, to shredded magazines, wires, puzzle pieces and even dust. Muniz creates large-scale pieces, whose compositions require them to be digitally projected onto the ground from a height. The film, “Waste Land,” is a documentary about Muniz’s project, that took place over three years in the world’s biggest wasteland; Jardim Gramacho in Rio de Janeiro.

For this project, Vik Muniz worked with “pickers” who collected waste for the artist and his recycled art projects. The pickers then assembled the pieces into sculptures, which were projected onto the floor inside a warehouse. At the end of the project, the artist sold all the photographs during an auction event, and donated the proceeds to the pickers who participated to the project.