Virtual educational workshops to net zero

SSMI supporting EKC Group with launch of virtual educational workshops

HSSMI supporting EKC Group with launch of virtual educational workshops to help Kent businesses in their sustainability efforts towards net zero

HSSMI, the leading UK-based manufacturing consultancy, and EKC Group have partnered to deliver a series of virtual workshops to help Kent businesses accelerate their decarbonisation efforts. The sessions, which start on 27th January, are aimed at helping engineering and technology outfits of all sizes, ensuring that employers and employees alike have the tools needed to reach the UK’s ultimate shared goal: achieving net-zero by 2050.

While there is a widespread appreciation within the manufacturing industry of the importance of reaching net-zero, around one third of UK manufacturers say their workforce lack the tools needed to hit sustainability targets. The HSSMI supported workshops, part of EKC’s Decarbonising Kent project, aim to rectify this. The sessions, will equip businesses with the skills need to turbocharge their decarbonisation efforts, bringing seemingly lofty goals within reach.

During the sessions, challenges facing companies, and potential solutions, will be brought to life through case studies, workshops, and dynamic discussion groups. Carefully chosen keynote speakers, all experts in their fields and on the topic of sustainability, will offer up instructive examples of how technology and innovative thinking delivered tangible results for their businesses, and meaningful carbon footprint reductions. The assembled experts will also discuss broader topics, such as how tech and engineering can contribute to a greener future, and what workforces of the future will look like.

Confirmed speakers at the workshops include Jonathan Smith–- Director of Stakeholder Engagement (EKC Group), Savina Venkova – Circular Economy Manager (HSSMI), Sam Graves – Founder (Maidstone Distillery) and Jim Davison - South of England Regional Director (Make UK).

The HSSMI and EKC Group workshops are open to technology and engineering businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to large corporates, who are looking to clean up their operations even further in the years ahead. The virtual sessions will take place over the course of two hours, with the first session on the morning of 27th January.

Participants can register for their spot at the first webinar, focused on green skills and innovation here:

Registration for the second workshop, taking place on 24 February and focusing on digital skills and the manufacturing industry’s recovery, is already open here:

HSSMI is a sustainable manufacturing innovation consultancy that works with companies to support them in increasing productivity, upscaling production, and integrating circular economy-based practices, with the ultimate goal of moving towards net zero. Since its foundation in 2012, HSSMI has worked with government bodies, established manufacturers and aspiring start-ups to help increase product sustainability and innovation.

About EKC Group

EKC Group is a family of six colleges and five business units that deliver technical and vocational education across East Kent. With some 1,500 staff and more than 15,000 students spanning every age range, the Group’s ever-expanding provision equips learners of all ages with the cutting-edge skills and knowledge required to thrive in their desired industry.