Writers in North America


  • Gabriella Tipsa
    Welum Talent Scout
    Gabriella Tipsa

    Makeup artist born and raised in copenhagen. based in cph and NY represented by Divamodels.com info fashion, beauty, commercial, film, show and underwater. inspired from uniqness in every form love creativity. always looking for innovation in art .


  • Becky Yee
    Writer, North America
    Becky Yee
  • Cecilia Black
    Writer, North America
    Cecilia Black

    Cecilia Black, is a profound and accomplished " Great Dane " . Educated in Behavioral Psycology. She has been in the entertainment industry for nearly 10 years, as a well known international Actress, later Author, and now Writer for Welum, and NYC Entrepreneur Magazine. Later this year, her psychological book will be published, containing her personal story, spiced with an opinion on modern society and how abnormal psychology is defined. Currently she is also developing a personally inspired fashion design, while exploring her fascination for Art. With a spiritual mindset, she has since childhood, had great passion for Science, Mythology and Ancient history, born a Clairsentient, she collaborated with the university of Paranormal, in London, doing research on scientifically documented proof of paranormal activity.

  • Dally Perez
    Writer, North America
    Dally Perez

    As a Hispanic native New Yorker and English as her second language; Dally Perez graduated from Lehman College with a Bachelor's Degree of Multimedia Journalism and Broadcasting. After resigning from the Luxury Hospitality Industry for 4 years, she took a leap of faith to focus full time in her freelancing career. With in less than a year, she became an actress, booking TV series to modeling during New York Fashion week, to becoming a Brand Ambassador. Though her expertise is to become a TV talk show Host and own a network, she was given opportunities to work in the other genres of her career. She has worked with Warner Brothers NBC, to working with the Creative Director of Forbes Magazine, Inicial Edge Magazine and became a fashion writer for a World Wide Magazine curated from Denmark called Welum Magazine. While she continued to discover other talents she was not aware of, she landed jobs with top fashion networks and became their TV correspondent. She worked with Media Companies as their Media Journalist, Producer, and TV host. With all the success she has accomplished so far, she continues to network and she will further her education in pursuing her masters while helping others to become as successful.

  • Emily Anne Williams
    Writer, North America
    Emily Anne Williams

    Emily was born on October 10, 1997, in the middle of the Mojave Desert (where she spent most of her life). She is currently studying Linguistics with a specialization in Spanish at the University of California in Santa Barbara.

  • Holly Zuelle
    Writer, North America
    Holly Zuelle
  • Jamie Rosenberg
    Writer, North America
    Jamie Rosenberg
  • Jill L. Ferguson
    Editor-in-chief, Magazine and Books
    Jill L. Ferguson
  • Lizziee Jerez
    Writer, North America
    Lizziee Jerez
  • Nicanor Gutierrez
    Writer, North America
    Nicanor Gutierrez
  • Saige Nesbitt
    Writer, North America
    Saige Nesbitt